Maybax, Your Mental Health Bot Companion

A Support Bot Built for Discord and DID/OSDD Systems

While Maybax does not intend to be a replacement for professional help, it can offer some support! FAQ's about mental health conditions, searchable tone indicators to help communication with NeuroDivergent individuals and Proxy Messages to support Systems!

What does Maybax do?

Custom Reaction Roles for Self Expression!

NeoPronouns were pioneered by the NeuroDivergent community and Maybax supports that! Many ND people use NeoPronouns or find it helpful to have roles to help communicate disorders more easily. Maybax provides a simple interface to add, list, and remove a list of "Reaction Roles". These roles will then be accessible to every member of your server. Just go to the preset channel and send the set role name or emoji and Maybax will toggle the role for you!

Mental Health FAQ's

The Maybax Discord Bot provides multiple commands with information on various conditions, terminology, and information to help NeuroDivergent members.

  • faq plurality provides multiple commands with information about DID/OSDD Plurality
  • /faq autism-spectrum-disorder terminology provides a searchable list of common ASD/Autism related terms. These terms include common coMorbidities and ASD specific terms like Special Interest.
  • /faq tone provides a search list of Tone Indicators.
  • /grounding-exercises provides a few different commands to help members with anxiety or PTSD like disorders ground themselves.
  • /grounding-exercise support-hotlines provides a list of RAINN sourced support hotlines.
  • And more coming soon!

DID/OSDD System Support

Maybax supports a number of Proxy message features, similar to TupperBox or Pluralkit to help support people with DID/OSDD.

  • Import System, Members and Groups from Tupperbox and Pluralkit!
  • Export from Maybax right back!
  • Full proxy message support on Discord via indicators.
  • Interactive Discord Buttons and Embeds -- No more complex commands!!
  • Website Editor!! Still don't want to use Bot commands? Use the website instead! It syncs!

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